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Take a look at this upcycled luggage range made from discarded aircraft seats

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Luxury Luggage Made from Aeroplanes (4)

Luxury Luggage Made from Aeroplanes (3)
Whoever said luxury comes through fine, first hand and specially crafted materials is sure to be proven wrong now. The creative duo invented this concept with the notion of providing luxury through innovation. The brand hoards discarded fabrics from airplanes from world over in bales which are then handpicked from the lot by specialists to create the chic finished products. The collection includes a range of bags like weekenders, messengers, rucksacks and also laptop, tablet and phone accessories. Each of these rescued fabrics have had an approx. sky time of 18 million miles, visiting 62 countries at 575 miles per hour at 35,000 feet in the air and these magic numbers will come emblazoned on each of the bags.
Luxury Luggage Made from Aeroplanes (2)
Quirk is not the only element that is taken care of here as aspects of durability and quality are also perfectly met. The fabric used in aircrafts being flameproof, lightweight, robust and stain resistant makes it ideal for being churned into this distinctively unique collection. While the laptop and phone covers are available at $ 45 and $ 30 respectively in an early bird offer, the messenger bag, rucksack and the weekender are prized at $220, $230 and $ 250 respectively at early bird rates. It is wise to opt for the collection at early bird prizes or at Kickstarter to save up on added retails prices. Overall the collection spells class and is sustainable luxury redefined!
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KENDALL + KYLIE Handbags are Now Available–Would You Pay as Much as $450 for Them?

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Celebs Head to Paris Couture Week & Parts Unknown with Fab New Bags from Givenchy, Fendi, Versace, & More

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Balenciaga F/W16 Bazar Shopper

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I believed I’ve officially lost it. Like seriously flipped out, gone bonkers and lost all my marbles along the way too. Why? Because instead of being extremely incensed that this joke of a bag is being passed off as a luxury item, instead of mocking its very existence since plastic versions of it gone for less than a dollar here in Asia, instead of questioning why a revered brand like Balenciaga would even deign it fit to sit on their store shelves, funnily enough, I want it for myself. There, I said it.

Maybe I’m loving the extreme irony of it all, that such a lowly item in the natural order of bags should be remade into something as precious as lambskin leather. Or maybe I’m just sick of everything else that’s currently on the market that’s either an icon (because you can keep selling that same bag over and over again), that’s all the same (hey, let’s do another mini bag because everyone else is doing it!) or that’s a safe, editor-approved bag guaranteed to make their best-of-FW16 list for sure.


Then again, my obsession with Balenciaga’s Bazar Shopper can’t be explained at all, and I just made everything up just to justify buying the one in Medium the measures 37 cm by 37 cm (shown above) that I’m also assuming will fit comfortably over my shoulder given its generous strap drop. There’s also one in Large but no details have been released on that yet, while the Small (29 cm by 28) will come with an additional shoulder sling as well.

Finished with shiny palladium hardware and embossed with the smallest Balenciaga logo ever on the front in gold, I’m even ok with paying USD1520 for the Made in Italytote in Medium, which if I’m not wrong, is still cheaper than the one Louis Vuitton did (yes, they offered something like this too) back when Marc Jacobs was still their Creative Director.

Thankfully (or not), the Bazar Shopper isn’t available to be purchased yet, though you can pre-order it first via Balenciaga online. Which means I’ll still have time to ponder really hard regarding wanting something that doesn’t make any sense. Then again, it’s just a bag. If we all really wanted to make any sense, we would all be content with just one bag each because how many bags do we really need anyway

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A Chanel flap bag like no other, turn heads as you wear this latest Airline Flap Bag from the luxurious French brand. Carry it with pride and beam with your own fashion statement, this bag is all about falling in love with the world of aeronautics.

Inspired by the wondrous adventures of airplanes up in the sky, this Chanel flap bag features an airplane on the famous CC logo. An unconventional flap bag on its own, this fashion treasure broke from the traditional diamond quilting as it now wears a unique squared-like quilting effect. The rounded studs placed all over the bag on the other hand gave it edge and definition, something you couldn’t find in the other Chanel flap bags. The interwoven chain straps on the other hand made us all the more enthusiastic about purchasing it once it hits the market.

And oh keep in mind that this is a limited edition. Once the season is over, there will be no more opportunities to get a hold of this gem so might as well buy it now.

We still have no details about the size, style code and prices yet but we’ll keep you updated once we get a word or two.

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