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A new bag from Balenciaga’s Spring Summer 2017 Collection is hitting the stores real soon and we couldn’t stop talking about it! Without further ado, here is the Balenciaga Blanket Square Bag – a complete new style.

A bag that brings out unconventionality and simplicity at its finest, this Blanket Square Bag if you wonder actually took its inspiration from comfy comforters. For everyone’s information, this bag comes in two versions that you can choose from: a smooth leather version and a diamond quilted version. And yes, it’s the very first time that Balenciaga took a leap of faith in trying diamond quilting for the first time.

If you look closer, you’ll notice that it has a side tag with embossed gold Balenciaga logo for an added flair. It also has large eyelets at the handle’s base and features handles and a removable and adjustable strap for shoulder and cross body carrying.

As for compartments, worry not for it features a zip opening on one side, 2 compartments inside, 2 zip pockets and 1 patch pocket inside. The small size measures 24 x 19 x 11 (W x H x D) cm and is priced $1515 USD, €1195 euro, $1645 SGD, £965 GBP, $2315 AUD, ¥165000 JPY via MyTheresa.

Here are the full details:

Balenciaga Blanket Square S Bag
Size: 8′ x 9.5′ x 4.5′ (H x W x D) inches
Prices: $1515 USD, €1195 euro, $1645 SGD, £965 GBP, $2315 AUD, ¥165000 JPY

Balenciaga Quilted Blanket Square S Bag
Size: 8′ x 9.5′ x 4.5′ (H x W x D) inches
Prices: $2145 USD, €1750 euro, £1365 GBP, ¥243000 JPY

Balenciaga Blanket Square M Bag
Size: 13′ x 15.5′ x 5.5′ (H x W x D) inches
Prices: $1895 USD, 1495 euro, £1195 GBP, $15500 HKD, $2890 AUD, ¥207000 JPY



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Rough on the outside but beautiful on the inside, the same can be said with the edgy Tods Wave Tote Bag the only difference is that this one is particularly beautiful inside and out.

If you’ll recall, Tod’s Wave Bag was previously released in a shoulder bag version but now it comes in a bigger tote size version!

With its rough detailing especially with the rubber-studded design at the bottom, this Wave Tote Bag can definitely toughen up your looks and your ensembles. With a punk-like attitude, this tote bag is useful to further solidify your bold and spirited take on your daily outfits.

Take it anywhere you go as its sizable shape also proves to be practical and convenient as it can store not only your essentials and make up kit but also your wallet, iPad, and even your portable laptop!

This bag also features double leather top handles, which are long enough for hand and shoulder carrying! There are also straps on the side, which can be tightened or loosened to create more space. Talk about versatility and flexibility in one bag!

Measuring 29 x 41 x 15 (H x W x D) cm and is priced $1765 USD, €1250 euro, £995 GBP, $2180 SGD, $2194 CAD, $2215 AUD, ¥175000 JPY







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If we take a moment to flash back and see what Celine has done in the past years, we’re thinking about these bags; the Tie Bag, Belt Bag, Ring Bag or the Trotteur Bag. They’re stunning, but none of them can match the fame of the Luggage Bag, or the Trapeze Bag. But all of that can change in the future. Celine has introduced new handbags during the Spring Summer 2017 Runway and they look very promising.





It’s the ultimate minimalistic bag, just how Celine likes it. Designed in single colors, but there are different shades for different taste. Feminine and casual, these bags are perfect for work as they match very well with chic clothes or suits. For the finishing touch, attach a small pouch around the handles, so that you will an extra pocket for instant essentials.




So the Spring Summer 2017 Collection is either about professional bags or oversized bags. And when we say ‘oversized’, we literally mean XXL beyond your imagination. Take a look at this extremely-long tote bag. It’s gorgeously crafted with more spacious than you ever need, take it for shopping. We also love the golden rope crafted around the hip of the bag. So what are your thoughts? A good investment or not?
































As a whole, the Celine spring/summer 2017 ready-to-wear collection was extremely variegated and sophisticated, even when displaying outerwear-inspired staples. Like Gvasalia’s Balenciaga spring 2017 collection, Philo’s Celine lineup for the spring/summer 2017 season strongly focused on cozier figures, with textures, lines and cuts that will come in handy especially during spring’s weather unpredictability.

Phoebe Philo played with different materials too, with a sleek leather fabric and silky materials dominating the scene. Most of the blazers, sweatshirts and trench coats also looked warmer than what we would usually consider as a summer-read staple, which will make many of you sad that the collection was not a see-now-buy-now one.

Celine Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Celine Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Although some staples were heavyweight looking, the overall impression was that of an extremely relaxed lineup, both in lines and perceptions. Draped and wrapped dresses ethereally got alternated with inversed peplum skirts, with airy capes and voluminous sleeves completing the lineup. Slightly sheer fabrics surely helped the collection get its most voluminous, flowly take, as seen, for example, in the drop-waist shirtdresses, and billowy cropped pants.

Aside from the bright whites, which are one of Philo’s recurring shades, the Celine spring 2017 collection included soft yellows, mint greens and reds, with also pops of delicate pink and orange revamping the scene. The collection’s protagonist was, however, a specific shade of blue, renamed International Klein Blue after French artist Yves Klein.

Celine Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Celine Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Philo, who loves mixing art with fashion, took one of Nouveau Realisme’s leading artists as one of her collection’s main sources of inspiration, as his signature blue paint strokes got revisited to evoke and represent female silhouettes. Phoebe Philo then also dipped some of her white frocks into Yves Klein’s iconic blue hue, adding a sort of street style allure to the entire collection.

Yves Klein was not, however, the only artist whose works inspired Philo’s Celine spring 2017 collection. To reinforce the runway show’s cosmopolitan attitude, Philo asked artist Dan Graham to showcase one of his most standout works, namely an S-shaped structure that was placed in the middle of the runway.

“Social interaction, fantasy and life in general are the main driving forces in my work,” explained Celine’s creative director. “Dan Graham’s installation is therefore an interesting and powerful way for me to present my collection to the audience.”

Celine Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Celine Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

As mentioned above, Philo’s Celine spring/summer 2017 collection was heavily urban-chic, as demonstrated by the runway show’s soundtrack as well, namely the noises of the city traffic. Such a soundtrack went hand in hand especially with the layered, street wear-inspired outfits, which she often completed with pairs of sporty-chic Adidas Stan Smith.

The accessory line couldn’t, of course, be any less imposing than the clothing line. Pointy-toe flats and ankle boots, often unpaired, got alternated with fancy sneakers and whimsical hybrids between a flip-flop and a boot, which unapologetically reminded us of Philo’s elegant nonconformism.

Celine Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Celine Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

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Known for its beautiful leather creations whether it be bags, shoes, accessories and other what-nots, this French luxury brand has everything in store for you. Just take for example this Celine Solo Card Holder, which is made from shiny python leather and lambskin lining.

Modern women nowadays know that they couldn’t leave the house or their lovely apartment without their bags. And oh, what are the things found inside your bag anyway? We are betting it holds your wallet, smartphones, make up and other essentials. The question now all boils down to this: Does it have a handy dandy cardholder?

Yes, a card holder is just as important as bringing your wallet with you. These equally stylish and shiny card holders might just save you the trouble from searching through your bag or wallet looking for that credit card or driver’s license whenever you need them.

The Celine Solo Card Holder in Python comes in several colors like red, yellow, and dark blue. It measures 4′ x 3′ inches and is priced €390 euro. The smooth lambskin version is priced at €190 euro.


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Do you know how a superstar bag looks like? Well well, set your eyes on this Saint Laurent’s Small Love Heart Chain Bag and you’ll instantly know the answer.

This Mini Love Crossbody Hear Bag in Black Patent Leather from Saint Laurent is the perfect cuteness and dainty to add to your overall ensemble especially if you get a date on a Saturday night or if you decide to go hit the dance floor with your friends on a TGIF kind of night.

This heart-shaped beauty resembles the Small Love Quilted Shoulder Bag also from the same brand but this time around, there are fun embellishments to it. The added stars on the metal interlocking YSL logo is the right amount of girly you would want in a bag. The gold colored metal shoulder strap on the other hand is also the perfect complement to its dark black leather color.

The small size is measured 4.7’ x 4.5’ x 1.8’ inches and priced at $895 USD or €690 euro, the medium size is measured 6.4’ x 6.4’ x 1.8’ inches, priced at $1250 USD or €990 euro via Saint Laurent boutiques.






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Chanel Gift Box Brass & Resin Evening Bag

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When is a gift box not just a gift box? When it is a Chanel gift box that’s also made into an actual bag. Yes, with the launch of Chanel’s Fall-Winter 2016 Pre-Collection in Singapore, this is one of the novelty pieces that hardcore collectors will love to have.

Measuring a wee 16.5 cm by 12.5 cm, this adorable resin clutch is quite literally the perfect gift to yourself, adorned with a brass ribbon that’s then topped with the iconic camilla. No word yet on the price, but I expect it to cost at least 5 figures. What you could do instead? Head down to Chanel stat and check out the entire collection and pick up something else more affordable that will also come in its own gift box. Not this one, but you know what I mean.

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