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Nicky Hilton Carries a Classic Chanel in NYC

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Nicky Hilton Chanel Kelly Bag

Here’s heiress Nicky Hilton, out and about in NYC, carrying yet another classic Chanel bag. This one is the Chanel Kelly Bag, and yes, it has a similar top handle structure to the Hermès bag of the same name. Both bags are named in honor of the late, great Grace Kelly, of course. Nicky’s been in and out of Fashion Week events all week, and she’s been doing a little promotion for her freshly released new fashion guidebook 365 Style in between.

Nicky has earned herself not one, but two truly epic editions of “The Many Bags of…”, which you can view here and here. Frankly, she’s probably already earned herself a third and a fourth, but we DO occasionally need to take a break from looking at photos of Nicky Hilton and her amazing handbagsin order to preserve PB office sanity.

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Rag & Bones Puts Handbags Front and Center for Spring 2015

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Rag and Bone Spring 2015 Bags 5

Despite providing fundamental, foundational wardrobe pieces for basically every woman (and most men) in New York City who might be considered even vaguely cool, Rag & Bone is still searching for its handbag groove. The brand’s bag line is relatively young and has yet to hit the cult status of Rag & Bone’s inescapable leather booties, but you could tell by the proud, prominent placement of the models’ bags in the Rag & Bone Spring 2015 show that the company’s designers, who rarely make an aesthetic misstep, intend to change that.

When Rag & Bone started making bags several seasons ago, the problem with the line was that it felt like there was an aesthetic distance between the bags and the rest of the line; they were nice, but they didn’t always feel like they had the same magic that made the rest of the brand so covetable, season after season. Things looked very promising for the several new shapes that the brand debuted for Spring and Fall 2014, and now it looks like the efforts for 2015 will be continuing in that vein.

Rag & Bone’s clothes are so popular because the brand has a way of paring down something that other designer’s might feel the need to make more complicated, and when done correctly, it creates pieces that feel like the platonic ideal of their product categories, like the brand’s best-selling ankle boots and wide-brimmed hats. These bags aren’t quite that, but they have the easy, well-edited feel that indicates Rag & Bones has found its footing.

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Best Bags of the Week – September 10

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eBay Best Handbags September 10

Happy Wednesday! It’s time once again to kick back, relax and have a look at the terrific bags we found for you on eBay this week. A fabulous Gucci horsebit tote caught our eye, along with a vintage Chanel flap with style for days. We have plenty of totes, plus something fun in neon that needs a new home! Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: As always, caution is crucial when buying from third party sellers. Although we strive to find the best auctions to feature, we don’t endorse or guarantee any eBay sellers or auctions, and therefore cannot guarantee the authenticity of any particular piece. For more info, please refer to eBay’s purchasing guidelines and policies.

Valentino Rockstud Shopper Tote
Buy It Now for $799

Valentino Rockstud Shopper Tote

Coach Colorblock Duffle Shoulder Bag
Buy It Now for $300

Coach Colorblock Duffel Shoulder Bag

Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama Papillon Bag
Buy It Now for $1,600

Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama Papillon Bag

Chanel Vintage Flap Bag
Buy It Now for $1,350

Chanel Flap Bag

Prada Shopper Tote
Buy It Now for $1,799

Prada Shopper Tote

Gucci Horsebit Tote
Buy It Now for $770

Gucci Horsebit Tote

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Small Tote
Buy It Now for $2,598

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Tote

Alexander McQueen Heroine Flap Shoulder Bag
Buy It Now for $825

Alexander McQueen Heroine Flap Shoulder Bag

Stella McCartney Falabella Bucket Bag
Buy It Now for $519

Stella McCartney Falabella Bucket Bag

Coach Marcie Bag
Buy It Now for $389

Coach Marcie Bag

Bottega Veneta Campana Bag
Buy It Now for $995

Bottega Veneta Campana Bag

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Reese Witherspoon Looks as Polished as Ever With a Bulgari Bag

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Reese Witherspoon Bulgari Serpenti Tote

Here’s Reese Witherspoon, performing random acts of Reese Witherspoon-ness in LA, all while carrying a Bulgari Serpenti Tote. (The name of the bag won’t make any sense unless you look closely at those enameled palladium snake handles and that sneaky little snake-head zip pull.) 

If you haven’t been paying close attention to PB for the last few months, you might not know that Bulgari is currently enjoying something of a windfall of celeb popularity. We saw Maggie Gyllenaal with another bag from Bulgari’s Serpenti series back in July, and we saw Taylor Swiftcarrying a Bulgari Isabella Rossellini Bag in August. “But Emily,” you ask. “Does one celeb a month for three months really equal a ‘windfall’?” In this case, YES. Absolutely.

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New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Recap, Part I

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NYFW Spring 2015 FEtaure Image

We’re about halfway through the Spring 2015 collections from New York Fashion Week, and while we will be presenting all of the best street style footwear looks in a couple of days, we’re taking this opportunity to round up some of our favorite shoes strutting down the runway.

Exciting things are happening for Spring 2015. Coach, with new Creative Director Stuart Vevers, is rebranding the traditional American label, Gwen Stefani’s label L.A.M.B. is back with its first runway collection since 2011, and leave it to Alexander Wang to have us coveting his reinvented stiletto heel. And this is just the first half of Fashion Week.

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Alexander Wang’s Spring 2015 Runway Bags are Ready to Hit the Gym

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Alexander Wang Spring 2015 Handbags 11

If you’ve ever wondered what a pair of retro basketball sneakers would look like if they were flayed and then restructured into a fancy designer bag (and if you have, why?), then I have, somewhat implausibly, some good news for you: that’s basically the gist of Alexander Wang’s Spring 2015 runway bags.

Bags That Are Bags But Also Another Thing has surfaced as an unlikely trend, and the clutches, satchels and backpacks that graced Wang’s runway even had rubberized soles on their bottom corners, accented with the kind of clear air bubbles that shoe designers used to use as a visual signifier of their brand’s superior cushioning. So if you want to chuck these bags on the ground, go right ahead. They’ve got excellent shock-absorption!

While the designs are clever, in a way, they also lack the refinement that would makes this kind of translation a success. The combinations of suede, leather, nylon and rubber are too on-the-nose to feel expensive or as clever as they might be, if only a little bit of editing had been done. Check out all the bags from the runway below.

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